Arctic Sunrise arrives 18th March 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 21st March 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 27th March 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 28th March 2013

Low impact fishermen make up for the 95% of the Greek fishing fleet. We are capable of providing sustainable and good quality fish to the consumers, without damaging our oceans.

Arctic Sunrise arrives 30th March 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 3rd April 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 6th April 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 12th April 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 17th April 2013

Sustainable fishermen represent close to 80 % of the fleet in Slovenia, similar as in other European countries. We keep the traditions alive and are an important part of our communities. Industrial fishing and destructive methods had priority in the past, but this needs to change.

Arctic Sunrise arrives 25th April 2013
Arctic Sunrise arrives 3rd May 2013

My grandfather was a fisherman, his father was a fisherman, my father was a fisherman and my son also wants to follow in my steps. All we want is for politicians to allow us to continue doing what we have been doing for generations and that our children can do it too.

Arctic Sunrise arrives 7th May 2013

Our job is a very hard one, but once you have started you can't stop.

Arctic Sunrise arrives 15th May 2013

A few years ago the beach was full with shellfish. Now most of them are gone.

Arctic Sunrise arrives 19th May 2013

In industrial fishery the ship owners are not fishermen but businessmen contrary to small artisanal fishery where the ship owners navigate and fish on their own boats

Saint MaloFrance
Arctic Sunrise arrives 26th May 2013

Today we fish about the same quantity of fish as thirty years ago. But our techniques and tools have very much evolved. If we still used old techniques and boats in use at that time, I don’t know if we would be able to catch as much as one box a day.

FoweyUnited Kingdom
Arctic Sunrise arrives 30th May 2013

We are the lifeblood of many fishing communities yet we get only a small percentage of the fishing quotas. The current system of rewarding high impact operators is clearly unfair and works against those who have such a low environmental impact yet such a high social value to local communities.

Boulogne sur MerFrance
Arctic Sunrise arrives 3rd June 2013
West India DocksLondon
Arctic Sunrise arrives 6th June 2013

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